Roto-Rooter that Resistance!

March 3, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

I pray to be willing!

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Spring is coming – let’s clear out the stuckness!

For years I labored under the weight of resisting the very thing I said I wanted. I was wanting to have more clarity and to end the suffering of feeling separate. I had been studying spirituality for SO MANY years – at least twenty years – that’s a lot of years!

In those twenty years I had collected a lot of information.
I went to a lot of workshops.
I read a lot of books.
I took a lot of classes.

And yet, I didn’t feel anywhere near as close to liberation as I felt I should.

I knew in my gut that I was the only one in my own way. The big bummer was I didn’t really know HOW to move the mountain of resistance that I felt to simply having an authentic living practice I didn’t know how to quit all the old BS (Belief Systems) that were driving my choices and actions.

Even though I still blamed some of my stuff on others, deep down, I knew that I was the author of my own misery. I knew that I was the one who was actively choosing separation.

I prayed to release the resistance. I prayed and prayed and the answer came. I began to do the exact things that I was given to do and it worked for me.

This is what I’d like to share with you in the BREAKTHROUGH CALL I’m offering at NO COST. It’s so valuable to me personally, that I am eager to give it to you if you’re willing to receive it!

Roto Rooter Resistance & Reluctance
March 9
9am Pacific – 12pm Eastern – 5pm UK

If you recognize that you actively choose to give in to resistance and reluctance – this call is designed for you! Let’s bust through the density together!

If you can’t make the call, click here to register and I’ll send you the download afterwards.

And – if you know anyone else who has been feeling stuck and might benefit – please forward this to them. All are welcome – your willingness to receive my gift is the answer to my prayer! When one is lifted, ALL are lifted!

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