16 Classes – My gift to you!

April 27, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Gary Renard is joining us again in Living A Course in Miracles!

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I’m writing to you from the A Course in Miracles conference in Chicago. We’re all having a wonderful time together, joyfully gathering for the purpose of remembering the Truth that sets us free.

I’m so grateful that I can write to you and once again share the gift of another Living A Course in Miracles class series. This is the 5th time I’ve been able to offer this series of 16 classes as a gift to you.

The entire series of 16 classes is fr*ee, and we begin on May 9th.

This time our topic is:

Stop the Suffering: Open Your Heart & Free Your Mind

Here in Chicago, hanging out with 6 of the 7 teachers who are joining me in offering these classes to you, it’s so clear that this works. I’ve run into so many people who have benefited from being a part of this Living A Course in Miracles class series.

Each one of us who shares in this series does so because we’re so grateful for the benefit we have realized from discovering the Truth really does set us free. We used to suffer. We used to close our hearts to the Truth and many of us, if not all, have been through our own personal hell and we’re so grateful that we CAN share with you – please join us!

Remember, it costs you nothing to participate in all 16 of these classes. I invite you to please share this link with your friends and let them know they can join us too!


I can’t wait to get started! At last, the end of suffering is upon us!

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