All Healing is in the Mind

April 30, 2013
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Your willingness is the key!

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At the A Course in Miracles conference in Chicago I did two Breakout Sessions and then a workshop for the Practitioners at the Bodhi Center and in all of them, the recurring them was to be clear – the fastest path to healing our “problems” is in the mind.

It’s so tempting to work int he world of form – pushing density – trying to MAKE things happen, and yet we all know how relentlessly tiring it is. Let us become crystal clear – our best work is done in the invisible, in the mind.

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Through our study of new thought and A Course in Miracles, spiritual students realize that working in the invisible realm of mind is so much easier, faster and more enjoyable than working in the world of effects, the world of density and form.

It’s challenging to believe that this is true with our physical bodies, our finances and our relationships on every level – and yet it is the willingness to correct the errors in your thinking, engage the healing of the mind and ALLOW the Truth to set you free that turbo charges your experience of healing in all aspects of your life.

Having a healing is the focus this week. Let us call forth our freedom and liberation from suffering through an active spiritual practice of Love – we value our ability to be loving and choose to energize that above all else and then we will KNOW that we are entitled to miracles!

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