Love Makes You Happy

April 24, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

I choose Love! I choose Happiness!

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We can sometimes think that loving someone is what makes us happy – actually, we’re happy when we’re being loving because Love is our true nature and our true identity. We don’t feel happy when we’re identified with a false self, a small self, a selfish self, a self that’s lacking and living in limitation.

The fastest path to feeling happy is choosing to be loving. It works.
The fastest path to misery is to choose to be judgmental and opinionated.

We simply cannot be loving and judgmental at the same time. No one can.

Judgment is counter-productive always! Remember, we’re not having one experience in this world for the reason the ego thinks. We’re not doing ANYTHING to make money or be successful or even to help people. NO ONE needs our help.

To think that anyone NEEDS our help is to see them in lack and limitation. As you see your brother and sister, you will see yourself, for all is one.

Each moment contains the full load of ALL that is necessary for us to awaken to our potential to hold the vision of Love and be truly loving NO MATTER WHAT and that’s all that matters.

The time you take to pray and meditate will increase your capacity to choose Love and thereby reduce the amount of time you invest in doing things that “come up out of nowhere.”

Choose Love everywhere and every moment and you’ll feel yourself come alive with happiness!


I AM choosing Love to be happy!

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