Activate Your Blessings!

May 7, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Yesterday at Stonehenge with my new friend, Molly.

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Life is amazing and miraculous. The more I travel down this road of practicing Love, kindness, patience and compassion, the more spectacular the journey is. I feel held in such Grace and I truly am so grateful to share with you today.

For those who wish it, blessings abound. You really must be present to the multitude of blessings in order to experience them. You activate the blessings with your attention!

Here are a couple of keys:

Pray often. If you don’t know HOW to pray, you can always take my Prayer Power Workshop, but you don’t need to do that (it’s here: ) – Spirit knows your heart and any prayer from the heart reverberates around the Universe. Prayers that affirm your faith and a willingness to BE the answered prayer are the simplest and clearest.

Call for your blessings – ask for them, activate and invoke them – this helps your mind to focus on your entitlement and your willingness. You ARE entitled to miracles and too often many people don’t feel that and so they block their blessings by affirming their lack.

Today on my radio show we’ll be speaking about simple and powerful ways to turbo charge your healing. Remember, all healing is at the level of the mind. When we focus on trying to change the world, we distract ourselves from our spiritual practice. We don’t need to change the world. We change our mind about the world and the world itself will actually change with amazing speed.

To listen to my radio show live on the internet – join me, I’ll be live from England – just down the road from Stonehenge – at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 4pm UK.
Click here to listen live – click here to get the archive and download for free – if you like my radio show, please write a review so more people find it! Thank you!

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