Elimination & Illumination

May 19, 2013
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A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

I saw these beautiful flowers, so delicate growing out of a wall in Glastonbury - they reminded me of YOU!

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As I said in the classes this week with Living A Course in Miracles, this journey of awakening often feels like a process of elimination on the way to illumination.

It’s a constant weeding of the garden. Any gardener knows this. An untended garden can easily and quickly become overrun. Neglect has it’s cost.

The benefit of consistent weeding is that it’s actually pretty easy. You gain momentum.

In the class with Regina Dawn Akers this week, she and I discussed how we both went from feeling like utter spiritual failures, and completely spiritually stupid every time we discovered yet another grievance or upset to realizing that we could take responsibility for the world we saw, weed the garden and have a noticeable increase in peace.

Through this way of working to clear the mind of all false beliefs, we were amazed at how after only a handful of years we made extraordinary and miraculous process. Our willingness to take responsibility was all that was required. It took us a few years to get there – and they were very difficult and trying years. Years that felt, at times, like we were being tortured, but then, that part of the journey ended and we were left with a clarity and peace of mind that was well worth it.

Have you never hiked up a difficult path to have an extraordinary view?
Have you never labored to accomplish something that was truly challenging, but oh so worthwhile?

This is part of the journey of life. It’s so worth it to go through the difficulty of purification! You get your life BACK. You get your mind BACK. Act now and you really can have it ALL!

You can still listen to the replays of our two classes this week – they’re available until Sunday afternoon pacific time. Go for it! Click here to register for LivingACourseinMiracles.com – 12 more classes left to go – all free! This coming week is with Maria Felipe and our topic is UNBREAK YOUR HEART! It’s going to be exceptional. I feel it!

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