May 4, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

My nephew, Mikey, loves a pancake breakfast - together we walk the talk and live the Love while enjoying a delicious stack of pancakes!

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I’m in Birmingham, England – hanging out with folks in my Masterful Living Course who are attending the A Course in Miracles conference here. We’re set to have a wonderful weekend. It’s so great to be with like-minded folks who know how to have a good time and be light-hearted.

One of the things that many spiritual students place importance on is personal integrity. And yet, I’ve noticed that many times people accuse others of not being in integrity and then move into judgment and criticism.

Life is incredibly simple sometimes. The one who seems to value integrity is often out of integrity when criticizing others for not being in integrity.

That’s how the ego mind is – working in circles with out reprieve.

Love is the healer.

The judger always feels judged.
The attacker always feels attacked.
The Lover always feels beloved.

Walking the talk and living the Love is not an easy habit to start, but it’s so fruitful. Love is our true nature and so when we practice being loving then we’re in integrity with all life. Now, that’s a great benefit!

All 16 weeks of Living A Course in Miracles are designed to support you in walking the talk and living the Love. Together we’re focusing on freeing out minds, for real! Classes are totally free and they begin on May 9 – click below to register now.

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