Let Miracles Replace All Grievances

May 25, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Bernadette's purity is an inspiration to the world more than 150 years later.

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Lesson 78 in the A Course in Miracles Workbook is Let miracles replace all grievances. It might seem at first glance that this is extremely wishful thinking, but the fact is that WHEN I let my grievances go the miracles were right there. Right where they’d been all along.

It’s true that the grievances hide the light of the world in us. These grievances ARE an illusion and we trade our happiness to hold onto them and deny the very healing that we say we wish for.

Over and over again I’m struck by how tempting it was for me to choose to hold a grievance instead of simply enjoy the beauty of my life and loving heart. Over and over again I invested myself in upset which was completely and utterly pointless and is now LONG forgotten.

Grievances that I held for YEARS, I cannot even remember now. Yet, there was a time when I took them out every day, polished them up and held them before me as something to cherish, something important, something that gave my life meaning. I was completely and utterly delusional and I’m so glad that I don’t settle for that madness anymore.

I’m still working with all kinds of challenges, but I don’t give myself permission to get on the pain train and ride it to hell and back anymore. There’s no benefit in it for me anymore. I’m much more interested in being truly helpful and in discovering my true identity and ways to express it more fully.

Yesterday’s class with Living A Course in Miracles was such a joy for me. You can get the replay right now, if you’re interested – my topic was Unbreak Your Heart. You can still register for the series – there are still 12 classes if you jump in and register right now. Click here to register.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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