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May 30, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Rainbow power!

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Spirit is constantly speaking, broadcasting, offering and the guidance is always there. If we don’t listen, we don’t experience the benefit. What blocks the listening? False beliefs, opinions and judgments. Whatever it is that we believe that’s not actually true creates an illusionary wall that seems to block our ability to discern what’s true.

The good news is, we can listen and learn at any point.
We can change our mind and be whole hearted at any time.

Yesterday, I was doing something at the computer, in the room where I’m staying – a rented room in an addition to this family’s home where I’m staying – and Spirit said, look out the window. It had been raining and I’d been watching the rain in the garden – beautiful. The clouds moving through the sky in this valley in Provence can be so gorgeous, I’ve gotten up and gone out side to watch them and marvel at the amazing gorgeous display that clouds can make.

How many times have I not listened? Millions! I’m so grateful now when I do! Benefits are NOW! I enjoy them NOW!

Well, I felt the nudge “look again” and there was a double rainbow in the sky. I grabbed my camera and ran outside. As I watched the inside rainbow got stronger and the outer one faded. It was an amazing display. And I take it as a sign that all heaven is breaking loose!

I’ve had lots of little challenges today and yet, the whole day felt like a sweet adventure. The rainbow was a gift I can now share with you – a close up on the brightest part. The whole thing completely stretched across the valley in the most delightful way. Enjoy!

By the way – today and tomorrow in Living A Course in Miracles – 2 free classes on being heart-centered at work! Join me and Jon Mundy – he’s such a great teacher and we have a lot to share! Register now – 10 classes left to share – all free at

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