Living A Course in Miracles begins May 9

May 2, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Let's "Stop the Suffering" together!

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Living A Course in Miracles begins one week from today – 16 classes over 8 weeks. Are you registered? If not, you can click here to register now! There’s absolutely no charge – no cost to you at all for each one of these 16 classes.

Our topic this time is Stop the Suffering: Heal Your Heart & Free Your Mind. Last weekend at the Chicago ACIM Conference, so many people came up to me to hug me and thank me for offering these classes. For some people the classes helped them pull through the darkest times. For other people these classes inspired and motivated them to a much more loving way of living. So many different people with different stories of miraculous benefits.

Won’t you please share the classes and let people know these classes are open to everyone as our gift – absolutely no cost at all at

Every time I offer these classes, I have more clarity and more enthusiasm for the practical application of these teachings in our every day lives. There’s such power in doing this work together. I love the way it unfolds!

I strongly encourage you to set aside time in your schedule – I know you may be busy like me, and it’s so helpful to remember that our spiritual practice saves us time! Bonus! Make a plan to listen to the replays – 2 classes each week – and listen with a friend. With the replays you can pause and discuss. Listening with a friend brings more benefit! These classes are so rich! The more you listen the more you’ll hear!

There’s no cost to register – and we’ve got bonuses videos for those who register now:


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    Let’s Make An Effort
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