Pray, In Faith, Believing

May 14, 2013
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

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Jesus taught us to pray, in faith, believing that we have so that we shall have. It’s a simple formula. Many mistake it and don’t understand it, but it’s really not complicated.

The spiritual qualities of life are our true nature. Spiritual qualities are: Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Freedom, Abundance, Wholeness, Creativity, Wisdom, Clarity, etc.

When we “Seek first the Kingdom, which is within, all else is added unto us.” The Kingdom within, is the awareness of our true nature AS these spiritual qualities. When you realize you ARE Abundance, then you can easily manifest and demonstrate what you need when you need it. When you realize your Divine nature IS Wholeness, then you’ll experience it.

Is it possible to seek the kingdom if you’re complaining? Isn’t complaining an affirmation of negativity and lack? if you affirm a belief in lack, you WILL have to have an experience of lack, if only in your perception. It’s the Law. If you blame the lack experience on someone else then you’re affirming the belief that somehow you don’t have access to the kingdom. Either way, you’ll suffer.

Suffering is optional. Anyone can pray.

It’s far more effective to pray to KNOW yourself as Wholeness, to pray to manifest and demonstrate Wholeness than it is to pray for healing of an illness. Praying to know our true nature is the fast path to spiritual awareness of the Truth. If you do that AND you also release the habit of affirming lack of any kind, you’ll be amazed at the miraculous transformation of your life and circumstances.

It IS done unto us as we believe – that’s the Law of Cause & Effect and it’s always working FOR us. Let’s maximize the good starting now!

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