Spiritual Strength of the Immaculate Heart

May 26, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

At the candlelight procession in Lourdes, France

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Years ago I realized that Ascended Master Mother Mary of the Immaculate Heart represents what I aspire to – abundant compassion, purity, the wholeness of Love and devotion.

When I was growing up, particularly as a teen and in my early twenties, I had a lot of disdain for the Catholic church. Mostly because I knew some Catholics who were very pious and not very loving. At least that’s why it seemed that I was so judgmental and opinionated toward the Catholics and their church. Catholics told me I was going to hell because I wasn’t baptized. Now, I know that it’s yet another example of “the judger always feels judged, the attacker always feels attacked.”

I also have the sense that in a previous lifetime, or many previous lifetimes, I was a Catholic, a Christian, a priest, a nun and I was the judger and the attacker then. The attack thoughts I’ve had in this lifetime are really all about guilt from my own experiences and choices in past lives. That can be helpful to know and it also doesn’t matter much.

What’s important is that I have the opportunity to be loving now and I really don’t wish to let it pass me by.

Yesterday I went to the candlelight procession in Lourdes that takes place every night of the week. Thousands of people, in devotion and praise of Mother Mary and her immaculate heart.

I’ve come to recognize that the Immaculate Heart IS true abundance and prosperity. It’s worth everything. What a glorious celebration of the Divine Mother I got to witness last night. More than ever, I feel inspired to journey on to find my own immaculate heart, my sacred heart, the kingdom within. Thank you for traveling this beauty road with me!

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