Taking Things Seriously

May 31, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Even the beetles in France are stylish!

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One of the things about me is I’ve never liked to be teased. I used to take things far too seriously – which really just meant that I had an ego attachment to my point of view. That was certainly true. It still comes up for me, only now, I’m grateful because it means that I have another opportunity to do some more clearing and healing – and that’s what I’m interested in!

One thing that brings great benefit is to be able to laugh at our choices, which is very different from laughing at someone. We can laugh at how things turn out. It’s wonderful to be light hearted – that’s a sure sign of spirit.

We know that the ego takes things very seriously or has no respect at all. Love has a very different approach. Love is honoring and reverent, and also light hearted and sensitive.

It’s so worthwhile to notice that if we’re feeling rigid or demanding that we’re aligned with the ego. If we’re being honoring and respectful then we’re aligned with the Spirit. Spirit has a reverence for all life.

It’s a deep practice to be mindful when you’re taking things seriously to the point where you and others are feeling uncomfortable. Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve got these built in sensors that let us know when we’re identified with the ego.

Love lightens us up.
When we’re attached to our opinions and judgments, it’s time to move into our loving heart and lighten up. It always brings benefit. Sweet!

BTW – this beetle in the photo is one I saw at the top of the mountain in the Pyrenees above Lourdes. I was enjoying an opportunity to be still with spirit when this spectacular beetle came ambling along. I’m so glad I was able to catch a photo of it. Gorgeous!

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