Welcoming Healing

May 22, 2013
Spiritual Classes, Jennifer Hadley

An abundance of Marys in Lourdes, France

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I’ve just arrived in Lourdes, France and am opening myself to whatever is unfolding for me here. I’m not sure why I’ve been called here, but it felt very clear and strong and I’m grateful that I listened. Lourdes is a gorgeous city, surround by the Pyrenees mountains. It’s very lush and green and spring is springing!

Yesterday, walking around the city and settling in, I could sense the energy of the millions of people who have come here and will come here in search of healing and transformation of all kinds. It’s a city that has welcomed these pilgrims for more than 150 years. Wow!

I find it interesting that this weeks’ classes at LivingACourseinMiracles.com are entitled Unbreak Your Heart and our focus is on healing hurt and suffering. We’ve also got a full moon this week and that’s always a time of releasing. Wow again!

There’s clearly some Divine Atunement and Alignment happening and I’m looking forward to what it bring us! As I shared about in my unityonlineradio.org online radio show yesterday (you can get all the downloads at iTunes) – we can move into the NOW moment and stop defending ourselves so that we can have deep and abiding healing, NOW. Let’s go for it!

If you haven’t already registered for the free classes at LivingACourseinMiracles.com please join us! We have 12 more classes – all free – including this week’s two classes.

Suffering is optional – let’s get our healing ON together!

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