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May 28, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

This gorgeous mosaic of the Immaculate Conception as seen by Bernadette is in the dome of the Cathedral at Lourdes.

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More and more as I walk this path of awakening awareness, I notice that I become completely focused on ONE thing and one thing only – purification.

I notice that like attracts like and that this same purification is what I notice that the people who are closest to me are focused on.

What does purification actually mean?

Fortunately, it means being your TRUE self. It means releasing any false perceptions, beliefs or identity that is not valid or of value.

Many people study for decades in order to learn how to be more spiritual. They want to know how to awaken and have expanded awareness.

The answer is hiding in plain sight.
Be your true self – BE your Higher Holy Spirit Self.

How do you do that?
Be loving.
Value being loving.
Ask to see, to recognize and to value the most loving choice in each moment.

You’ll be given as much Divine support and assistance in this as you’re willing to receive. How cool is that?

If you’d like to fully awaken and live as your true self you must choose it. Just as, if you are unhappy, suffering and in despair, you must choose that as well.

Love is the only healer that there is.
Love is within you.
Love is your true nature.

It’s about being committed and devoted to looking for, recognizing and valuing the loving choice that is being presented to you in every moment.

Making the loving choice is not difficult or onerous. It isn’t a burden – it is a RELIEF of burden. Choosing thoughts of lack, attack and separation creates the EXPERIENCE OF BURDEN and the way to lift it is to change your mind.

You choose what you will place your attention on.

Know that you are blessed.

Here’s a great mantra for you: “I AM Blessed! I AM Blessed! I AM Blessed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, GOD!!”
I keep thinking this and I do notice that it’s abundantly true!
It’s so important to receive, allow and acknowledge the blessings. You choose!

Today, I’ll be sharing more about this on my radio show – join me at Unity Online Radio – and if you can’t listen live you can always get the downloads later!

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