Harmony & Me

June 14, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Harmony is our true nature, like an inner rainbow!

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Elton John has a song entitled “Harmony & Me” that I always loved. Harmony is the natural order of the Universe. All of nature is designed to work together. One species’ trash is another species’ treasure. Even after a natural disaster, the environment quickly strives return to harmony.

My deepest desire is to live in harmony with all that is. I aspire to be able to walk through the world AS the Christ Presence, adding to the harmony and inspiring others to join me.

This loving aspiration has not always been my priority. There were times in my life, long periods, where I was unhappy and angry and hurt and I walked in the world creating turmoil more often than anything else. It took me some time to shift my intention but the desire of my heart to be a place of love overcame all my resistance. Now I am so grateful see the effects of my intention to live in harmony and to be discovering the joy that is unprecedented and unconditional.

Today I intend to BE that which I seek to experience. I release any judgment. I refrain from gossip. I look for things to be grateful about and I count my blessings. I contribute to harmony through my very being. Today I choose to see the good in myself and others rather than find fault. In this way I move the world in the direction of peace and harmony through my nonviolent choices and actions.


I AM harmonious and I AM grateful!

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