Humility & Humiliation

June 15, 2013
Spiritual Classes, Jennifer Hadley

Bella likes to see what you're up to!

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I’m visiting my brother’s family home in New Jersey for a week after my return from Europe. I’m staying in my nephew Ben’s room while he’s away at college. The family cat, Bella, likes to push open the door and see what I’m up to, plus she knows I like to cuddle with her. Bella has a knack for pushing open the door when I’m naked. She also likes to come into the bathroom when I’m sitting on the commode and too far away from the door to close it. Preferably when I’m naked. She’s really into seeing if she can catch me naked. Like attract like, and she’s always naked, so it makes sense.

Each time Bella opens the door on me, it’s an opportunity for me to practice total humility. Yup. I’m naked and here I am sitting on the pot. Howdy!

One precious thing I’ve learned is that humility opens the door to true spiritual awakening. The door appears closed if we don’t have humility.

What is humility? It’s an ability to realize that you are One with everyone. One with pure Spirit. No one is better than or less than and we’re not even equal to each other because EQUAL implies an equation with two sides. We’re ONE. We’re united.

Humility and a realization of Oneness go hand in hand.

In our life experience, one of the major impediments to our happiness is feelings of shame which come from judging ourselves as having made a mistake or being bad or wrong in some way. All these judgments are merely opinions and have no truth behind them. When we agree to invest our attention in a false belief it always creates upset and suffering. The feeling of upset is the alarm bell that let’s us know our thinking is stinking and it’s time to change our mind.

Life is incredibly simple if you’re willing to be grateful for everything. I am grateful for THAT. I’m grateful for Bella’s inquisitiveness too!


I AM grateful for everything!

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