Loving What Is

June 3, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

This is the church that is in the cave where Mary Magdalene lived in Provence, France - it's high up in the mountains

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One of the great things about all the traveling that I’ve been doing is that I’m often in unfamiliar territory. I used to constantly be judging everything and comparing and things were most often coming up short. The ego gets a satisfaction from labeling things – it’s all part of the big plan for total separation.

When we’re identified with Spirit it’s natural to appreciate things just as they are. When we’re in tune with the infinite, we recognize that all things are working together for good and so whatever is going on is Divine Order revealing itself.

It takes great learning and willingness to “love what is” as a spiritual practice. Sometimes we have to love it without really liking it, but even that will shift and change with enough practice.

I encourage you to make “loving what is” part of your daily spiritual practice. When you notice you really don’t like something – see if you can simply release the attachment to any preference, label and especially any need to have it be different.
Making a point of doing this every day will have a profound impact in your life. Get your healing wherever you can find it – each “little” thing is a big opportunity for healing!


I AM having a healing!

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