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June 17, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

My nephew, Mikey, and I love Monopoly!

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I’ve been staying with my brother’s family since I returned from Europe last week and it’s been great. One thing we like to do is play games. We love celebrity and we also love board games.

My seven year old nephew, Mikey, asked me to play Monopoly with him, so we’ve been playing together the last few days and he’s learned a lot, as have I.

When I was Mikey’s age I started to play Monopoly and I just LOVED it. I got SO into it! I really loved the sense of power when I could control and dominate the board and crush my opponents like a bug. Winner takes all!

I remember becoming so angry and upset if the plays didn’t go my way. I took it all so personally. I could really be mean and vicious about it. It’s a wonder anyone would want to play with me!

What I love now is I’m so clearly able to be at peace no matter what happens in the play of the game. Although I do play to win, I don’t care about winning anymore. I’m just as happy whether I win or someone else does. Now, I can have a good time without any emotional upset. It’s just as fun for me no matter who wins. How cool is that?

Whoever still believes that “people don’t change” just hasn’t had a real interest in changing. I am continuously shedding the beliefs and habits that no longer serve me and I’m SO grateful! Healing happens and we really do share the benefits of our healing and our spiritual expansion with everyone because we’re one with them. Talk about a win-win!!


I AM choosing Peace as my way of life!

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