Working it Out at the Workplace

June 4, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

These days I get to work with friends like Gary Renard!

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Last week’s classes with Living A Course in Miracles have really inspired me and I’ll be sharing more today in my radio show at Online Radio. For me, personally, I’ve worked out so much negative karma in my work career. I’ve learned so much through applying the teachings of A Course in Miracles and Science of Mind in the day to day challenges of working with other people.

We invest so much of our precious life in our experience and relationships at work. I’ve had some of the worst experiences and some of the best experiences of my life at work and I’ve learned a lot. It’s a place where we can have DEEP transformational spiritual experiences – IF we look at what the real reason we’re there.

“I don’t know what anything is for,” is such a helpful teaching to apply at work. When I realized that everything is for me to practice being loving and compassionate then my work life began to change dramatically. I have been catapulted from one beneficial experience to another. It’s been SO deeply healing because I’ve accepted the challenges as opportunities to dissolve and resolve false beliefs and attachments of all kinds. Wow! Who knew work could be SO productive?

I invite you to join me on the radio show today and listen in (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 4pm UK) while I share some more about how we can deeply transform our experience at work AND have a whole lot of spiritual practice at the very same time! If you miss the show, you can get the download later at iTunes for free.

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