Being Free

July 17, 2013
Spirituality, Jennifer Hadley

Life is like a labyrinth leading us home

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Life may seem like a maze, but it’s more like a labyrinth and the destination is inevitable – we’re going home to the Kingdom within!

To liberate yourself you must decide that you are interested in BEING free from the mental habit of enslavement to the ego.  You must choose.  No one can liberate you.  No thing can liberate you.  No company, no government, no spiritual or religious leader, no book, no class.  Although you can have amazing and powerful help, only you, yourself, can choose to liberate your mind.

Why is this so?  Because each one of us who doesn’t FEEL free is experiencing the effect of our thinking.  No matter how constricted we feel, Freedom is still our true identity.  Freedom will always be your natural state.  However, if we choose to affirm lack and limitation, we’ll experience it and if we let that go on long enough we’ll come to believe that we ARE limited when we’re not.

We cannot BE limited, but we can FEEL limited if we believe that we are limited.
Who can limit the unlimited presence of God that you ARE?  No one.

The power to remember the truth that sets you free is within you.  It’s always been there and you’ve always known it.  For those who have eyes to see it they will find it.

The Kingdom is pre-installed.  You are pre-approved.

Are you willing to learn the mental discipline of freedom or will you tell yourself it’s too hard and you cannot do it?  As soon as you are willing, it will be shown to you and then you can share it with others.  What glory that awaits you!

If today you are committed to convincing yourself you don’t have what it takes, then at least decide how much longer you will pretend you don’t have it.  Decide today.  How much longer you will enjoy the view from your prison?  Set a date for your liberation.  Your activation awaits your choice.  It’s really not so far away.  Only one choice, one decision.  Partner UP.  Let the Spirit do the heavy lifting.  This is the truth that sets you free.  Eventually you will choose freedom.  You decide when.

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