Chillax into Love! – Prayer for Stress Relief

July 31, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Fear makes you like a porcupine ready to attack! Been there, done that, not going back!

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I learned that if I felt stressed I’d know that I was no longer living from Love.  The stress is an indicator that my thoughts had become focused on fear.  When there is fear then I know that I’ve forgotten to choose love.  Stress and fear serve a holy purpose – to motivate you to make the choice to relax into your loving heart.

Even a 1 minute relaxation break can make a huge difference.  That’s how powerful love is.

If you cannot allow yourself to stop for 1 minute then you know that you’ve lost perspective.  Continuing on in the stressful mode won’t bring the results you intend.  If you allow yourself to stay stressed and you’re unwilling to take small steps to free yourself, how can you give yourself permission to complain about world leaders who lead nations into stressful situations?

And yet, that’s what so many folks do – they attack others for the very things they don’t like about their own choices.  This is why, Love is the answer, Love is the key, Love is the HEALER!

If you feel stressed, take a 90 second Love break.  Think of what you Love and enjoy, place your hand on your heart, be willing to take deep breaths and Love yourself back so that you can align with the Divine – insight and inspiration will probably come and you won’t feel so stressed anymore!

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