God Doesn’t Want Anything

July 15, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

God is Love. You are Perfect Love. What is there to want?

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Are you waiting to know what God wants you to do? Do you believe that God is a being who has wants, needs and expectations of you? Do you believe that success means making God happy? This idea that God is a separate being with a personality is a strong religious belief, and it leads one to a co-dependent relationship with an imaginary God – an old man in the sky, God.

Spiritual healing demands we recognize we ARE the presence of God. We cannot wait on God’s Will thinking Divine Will is a separate will. There is ONLY Divine Will. Your will IS Divine Will.

In this 3D world of human experience, there is an illusion of free will. Regardless of what you choose, you experience Divine Will acting through your experience. If you make your bed in a human hell of suffering, you’ll experience the unsatisfactory nature of that and ultimately you’ll learn to make a higher choice. When you choose to be loving, compassionate and forgiving even though it’s very tempting to be judgmental and vengeful, you will experience the inspiration and liberation that being loving activates in you. No matter what you choose, you’ll learn.

God is the All in All. God is your true identity. God is Love and Perfect Love is what you ARE. How is it possible for God to want anything from you or for you? Your precious life is for YOU to choose what you’d like to express, experience and share. Choose now: will you see Love or lack in yourself and others?
“Teach only Love for that is what you are.” A Course in Miracles

When you dedicate yourself to BEING the Love of God in each moment and seizing the opportunity to be loving, compassionate and forgiving no matter what, then you are aligning with Divine Will and you are living your destiny!

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