Healing Negative Patterns

July 14, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

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One of the most beneficial realizations I’ve ever had is that negative thinking and beliefs often form patterns. To me they seem like sticky cob webs of thought forms. I’ve been caught in them so many times!

For a long time I was convinced that these negative patterns of thinking were real, and I believed they were true. I believed that they defined me. I had no idea that they were false beliefs. I believed they would always haunt me.

Once I began to recognize how completely erroneous they were, then I began to poke holes in them. I yearned to be more skillful at undoing them. I began to make a constant inquiry as to how I could dissolve and resolve these negative patterns of thinking. I chose to permanently heal them back to their root source – whatever that might be!

I have been utterly astounded and amazed at how successful I’ve been at healing negative patterns to their root. I’ve been so grateful that I can share what I’ve learned and it brings benefit to others.

Today, I’m offering Healing Negative Patterns Workshop online, on the phone workshop. You can have this workshop totally free as a bonus gift with the Living A Course in Miracles Gold or Platinum package – click here to learn more – or you can register for the workshop for $44.00 and join me today – click to register now!

The Living A Course in Miracles Gold package is only 87. and includes today’s class as a bonus PLUS all 16 Living ACIM classes and more bonuses! Click here to get the Gold now!

Whether you get the Healing Negative Patterns Workshop as my bonus gift or you purchase it for $44.00 you will also receive the audio download MP3 plus the transcript! Enjoy!

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