Let Freedom Ring in Your Heart!

July 4, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Let's put our heart into our celebration today!

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This Sunday I’ll be sharing my #1 tip for Spiritual Success – it’s one of the main things I share in Finding Freedom, my 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp class.  Click here to register for the call.
This #1 tip I’ll be sharing is the key to truly living an empowered life.  It brings ENORMOUS shift in every area of your life and it literally brings forth a feeling of tremendous liberation.  It’s a powerful practice that will absolutely change your life.
Just knowing about this tip does nothing.  It’s applying it that means EVERYTHING.  It’s simple and so powerful.  Yet, it’s often completely overlooked by even the most dedicated spiritual students.
I’m all about choosing freedom these days.  It is amazing how much more expansive life can get in a very short period of time when you willingly practice the spiritual teachings.  It’s about really living it.  I’m so grateful that we’re doing this together!
I send you love and blessings this 4th of July!  I love this holiday and I’m sharing it spiritual practice today most of the day, prayer, meditation and expansive practice and then dinner with friends.  What a blessing!
Remember, the call on Sunday is free –  you can register to join me now – and get the download if you can’t be on the call!

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