Nothing Lost in God

July 7, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Giving thanks that our good is where we are! It's in our loving heart!

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One truth that is VERY helpful to me is the awareness that I cannot lose anything. I used to get so upset that I was losing out on something good.

All day long I would make judgments about how things should be and how they shouldn’t be and I was constantly affirming my lack and limitation as I did that. Freedom felt so far away because it was always based on conditions.

Freedom is not conditional. Freedom comes from the awareness that truly VALUES oneness. If al is one, how can anything be lost?

It’s a recurring thing of life that we might buy something that breaks or isn’t worth what we spent for it.

It’s a common occurrence that you hire someone to do a job and then they don’t do it well even though you’ve paid them well.

I’ve learned to trust that everything is working together for my good. If it SEEMS like there’s a loss somewhere, I claim my good right where I AM.

If it seems like someone has ripped me off, I claim my prosperity anyway.

Through this practice I feel free to BE prosperous rather than, frustrated annoyed, angry, judgmental, hurt and broken. It really works! It’s not hard and its’ totally FREE to practice and live this way!

I give thanks for the steady stream of good that flows through my life. I love to give away as much as I can and I find that I am provided for in the most beautiful ways. The awareness of prosperity goes hand in hand with the experience of prosperity.

If I’m upset about what seems like a loss, I’m actually upset that I’m judging the situation and affirming the loss rather than choosing to affirm my prosperity and experience the good. Of course I’m upset if I’m actively blocking the flow of good in my life! THANK GOD, I feel upset when I move into affirming limitation and lack! If I didn’t feel upset, then I might not even notice.

You are free to be upset, or to affirm your prosperity. If you’re upset, remember that it’s never for the reason you think. It’s always because you think it should be different, but you don’t even really know what is better. You just think you do. Why affirm a loss, when you cannot see through all directions of time and space to actually know if there’s a loss. Do not be fooled by appearances!

There’s so much healing that’s possible and this is what I share in my classes. My Findng Freedom 7 week spiritual bootcamp class starts on July 18th – check it out and join me! This is the summer to make a quantum leap into FREEDOM!

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