Surrender the Suffering!

August 13, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

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The most common questions I get are related to how people can stop their suffering. People ask, “how can I deal with the situations, circumstances and feelings they have when things are not to my liking?”

More often than not, the question is more likely to be phrased something like this: “How do I deal with this horrible situation? What do I do with things when they’re not how I like them and I’m so upset by how they are?”

I get it. Believe me, I get it!

All of it is in the mind. The ego will say “no, it’s not. These things are in front of my face. I can reach out and touch them. They are happening to my body, or in my body or around my body, they are NOT in the mind.” And yet, they are in the mind. The mind is the only thing that is real. The body is a projection of the mind. If you’re not willing to come to THIS awareness then the suffering will SEEM like it will never end.

However, the suffering WILL end, because at some point you’ll be willing to accept that the body is a projection of the mind and so is your experience.

Let’s rejoice that the suffering will end as soon as we’re 100% willing to remember the Truth that will most assuredly liberate us from all false beliefs! Woo to the HOO!

If you firmly fix any opinion in you mind and are really attached to it then you are guaranteed to suffer. The ridged mind will always be a recipe for unhappiness.

For instance, let’s say you’re belief is that organic food is better than non-organic food. And further you believe that non-organic food is toxic. Probably, you’ll frequently be in situations where the food is not organic. You are now separated from the good food, the healthy food. The people that are serving you the non-organic toxic food are not supporting you. Life is now hard. If you have to eat the non-organic toxic food then your body might feel sick,”toxified.”

Your belief is going to affect the way your body receives the food because your body is a projection of the mind. However, if someone made up the story “this food is not only organic, it’s blessed by the Dali Lama and grown in sacred soil from a special healing garden in Tibet. People who have eaten this food before have lived to be 111 years old and have never known diseaseā€¦” you might believe that story if you wanted to and that would affect how you felt about the food and the way your body received it. It’s called the placebo effect. All of life is like the placebo effect.

It is done unto you as you believe. That’s the Law of Cause & Effect in this world.

In a sense, everything we experience in this world is a “story.” The answer to everything is to change your mind about it. That’s why we say “mind over matter.” You’ll be amazed at how you can take dominion over your mind and your whole experience of life will change if you decide to focus your thinking on what you’d like to experience, rather than what you don’t like.

Opinions always cause suffering. If you’re tired of suffering, surrender your opinions. Suffering is optional.

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