Clearing Mental Clutter & Confusion

September 22, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

My willingness is the greatest gift I've given to myself!

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Since the time I was a teenager I’ve pondered why I’ve had more willingness to do things and try things and learn than some of the people in my life. I feel the best answer is that I don’t like to suffer. All of the suffering that I’ve experienced in my life was due to my not choosing to be loving. I struggled for a LONG time because I cherished my grievances. For a long time, I thought my grievances were so important, and so valuable that I treasured them. I felt that I would hold onto them forever no matter what it cost me.

I was so often motivated by trying to get something – approval, recognition, Love, money, friendship, and anything else that I thought I needed or wanted.

In my mid-twenties I began to study spiritual teachings and right away I felt that this was the path out of suffering. Pursuing money and career success, relationships would not be as likely to lead me to the suffer-free zone as spiritual understanding. I still pursued anything I thought would make me happy, but I began to study spiritual principles and I began a spiritual practice. I began experimenting with meditation and journaling. I particularly liked the things I could do on my own.

It took me a decade to realize that it was key to keep my eye on the prize of liberation. At that point I learned from Ernest Holmes’ teachings to PROVE that spiritual principle works. I decided to PROVE GOD in my daily life and that opened my eyes to what was possible. It still took me another decade to decide whole heartedly to put God first.

I realized then that all the studying had been helpful, but the practice was the thing that was healing me. That’s why I teach Finding Freedom, Masterful Living and Living A Course in Miracles. These teachings WORK. I know it. And gathering the willingness, inspiration and motivation to have a living practice.

Unless these teachings are lived, and integrated into your heart, they are just concepts. Information, no matter how spiritual it is, isn’t going to heal your mind. In fact, collecting spiritual information is more likely to clutter your mind and confuse you if you continue to collect it without applying it and taking it into your heart.

It was my decision to live it and prove it that changed everything for me. Ask yourself, how much time energy and money to do you invest in collecting spiritual information, versus applying it through having a living spiritual practice. When people get into my classes they’re amazed at how quickly they can transform their lives when they were struggling so much before. All healing really IS at the level of the mind and that’s where your spiritual practice and application is too. Clear the clutter and the confusion through a living practice of Love!

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