God is Not A Fixer

September 7, 2013
Spirituality, Jennifer Hadley


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My friend Rhonda Britten got me watching the TV show SCANDAL about a woman who is a professional “fixer.”  She fixes scandalous problems and situations – a life of PURE ego.  Doesn’t the ego just LOVE to fix the problems?  The only thing is, the ego doesn’t FIX anything.  Love is the healer and there’s not much point in fixing a problem when you can actually heal it back to its root source instead.  Let’s go for that deep healing!
Recently I heard someone talking about how they had a “problem” and they wanted God to fix it for them.  They had the belief that, since God is so all powerful, it would be easy for God to just “wave his magic wand” and fix the problems.
When we’re identified with the ego we think we have problems.
When we’re identified with Spirt we realize that we have opportunities for learning and healing.
The very idea that God would wave a magic wand to fix things affirms the idea that we are not God.  We are separate.  AND that fantasy of God the fixer also affirms our weakness and disempowerment.
When we realize that this human experience is about our using the power of our mind to project, manifest and experience our thinking into this human experience, then we begin to take responsibility and take our power back.
To the ego, the idea of responsibility sounds HORRIBLE.  Responsibility is the ego’s worst nightmare!  The ego won’t take responsibility for anything.  The ego only takes the credit when things LOOK good.
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