I Can’t Cope!

September 9, 2013
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

My first Greek Salad in Greece!

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The title today is a bit misleading. Yesterday, after resting most of the day in Athens, my host Gina and I took the ferry out to the Greek Island of Andros where I settled in with my friend Gina last night. I’m still waiting for my suitcase – I hope it will arrive today!

While at lunch yesterday – my first meal in Greece – in a sidewalk cafe in Athens, I was talking with my friend Gina and the phrase “get a handle on it”came up in conversation. I immediately recognized that this is a strategy that the EGO has – to try to get “a handle” on things.

The ego loves to manage and manipulate – to control and dominate – so getting “a handle” on things is what the ego would be interested in. I used to operate so much from a controlling personality that I put a handle and a label on EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

When I’m in the flow of Love there’s no sense of lack and so I don’t need to handle or label anything. I can allow what is to unfold – which is what I was sharing about yesterday in my Spiritual Espresso.

So, even though I don’t have my suitcase, with all of my valuables, including my computer and phone chargers, I’m doing great! Life is SO good and not knowing exactly and specifically what will happen or is happening with my bag and all my things – everything that I need is with me because it’s within me.

I feel confident that everything is working together for my good. How else could it be? I get to relax and enjoy life on the island with my precious friend.

BTW, that first Greek salad was delicious! It was a special recipe from the island of Chios, made with arugula, tomatoes, croutons, grilled cheese of some kind and cucumbers and it was so fresh and delicious! I had a fantastic hummus with grilled onions and a spearmint sauce that was super yummy! What a delicious feast! I AM so blessed!

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