The Power of Your Word

September 25, 2013
Spirituality, Jennifer Hadley

No matter how dark it gets, the light is ALWAYS within you. This is the lighthouse at the entrance to the port at the Capital City of Andros.

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Back in the 1980’s I started attending Sunday services with Unity Minister Eric Butterworth. He and his wife Olga offered services every Sunday at Lincoln Center in Avery Fisher Hall. At that time, I lived on 98th Street at Broadway and so it was a nice walk for me to take, often with my neighbor, Marie. That was my introduction to the New THought teachings.

Eric introduced me to the concept that my thoughts and words had power. As i began to pay attention to my experiences, to take a step back from all the emotions and upset I was experiencing, I began to meditate and contemplate more deeply. I realized that indeed my thoughts were contributing greatly to my experience.

In 1994, I began to study Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind teachings with Michael Beckwith at Agape. Holmes, like Butterworth, was crystal clear about the power of the word to make manifest our experience. I began to look deeply into this. At first, I really “got” it. I understood it. The teachings made sense to me and I believed it. However, I didn’t feel committed to being mindful of my speech and thought ALL of the time. I mean, who really does that? Is there anyone you know who is mindful ALL of the time?

Now, looking back, I’m aware that my understanding was intellectual. I understood the concept, but if I’d actually BELIEVED it, I would have placed my TRUST in it and had FAITH in it and lived it to the fullest. If you think you understand spiritual teachings, but you don’t really live them, your not really understanding it. I learned that the hard way.

It took me another decade of circling around the commitment before I finally decided that I would be happier and have a better chance of living the live I truly wished to live if I became dedicated and devoted to being mindful and attentive with my word. It takes what it takes and I don’t judge myself for the time that it took me. I’m just grateful I got there before I died!

In developing an ever-stronger dedication and devotion to choosing Love I find a simple joy. A genuine excitement. Cultivating a pristine awareness is like watching a crystal grow right in front of my eyes. It’s amazing, miraculous and beautiful. What’s not lost on me is that I couldn’t have my experience if I hadn’t been immersed in what felt like the dark, angry, craving, selfish muck and mire of my own thinking. What once was a big pile of poo, is now compost for my ever-expanding glory and that is totally AWESOME in the true sense of the word! Hallelujah!!!

The other day, my precious friend Laurie sent me this wonderful writing from Oliver Sachs – he’s the doctor in the story that the movie Awakenings (an absolutely GREAT movie) is based upon. He’s the one played by Robin Williams. Oliver said that at 80 years old he finds himself being excited by life and saying things like “I’m glad I’m not dead yet!”

I’m glad you’re not dead yet, and I’m glad that I’m not dead yet too! This is an adventure. The years that the locusts have eaten are GUARANTEED to be given back to you. How amazingly awesome is that???? If you’re feeling sick about how long it takes, or how slow it’s going, forget that and just be grateful that you’re not dead yet! Don’t give up before the miracle!

Developing dedication and not giving up is what we’ll be talking about in class today and tomorrow. We can live a truly loving and prosperous life and that’s what we’re going to share about in Living A Course in Miracles – Nick Davis is our teacher today and I’m very excited for this first opportunity we have to share together! We’ve got two free classes this week.! Let’s go for it! We’re getting our healing ON!

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