The Answer

September 14, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Enjoying the last bit of sun on Andros!

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For so long I wasn’t feeling very successful in my spiritual studies and pursuits. I thought that I should be, that I wanted to be a “master manifestor.” This seemed like such a good idea. I thought I would be happy when I had what I wanted and so I learned how to manifest stuff, but it never fulfilled me, and I didn’t seem to be amazingly successful like I thought I SHOULD be.

Then I realized, what I really deeply desired had nothing to do with the material world. I became so grateful that I wasn’t able to become a master manifestor following other people’s guidance. I’m quite sure if I had been able to manifest everything my ego desired I wouldn’t have been able to manifest what my heart desired, which is to know my true self.

I learned to seek the kingdom first. As I practice this day by day and moment by moment, I find that everything is being added unto me. Everything IS a return to peace, harmony, joy, freedom, wisdom, clarity, purity, abundance, and creativity.

The answer to all my problems was to seek the kingdom first.

Now, I don’t have any problems at all. I have challenges and quandaries and interesting occurrences and I’m very happy with what I’m learning every day. I’m grateful for each one.

Who would have thought to give up focusing on getting stuff would actually open up the flow of good?

I’m so grateful! The answer was right there all the time, in my heart. All I had to was listen!

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