Your Divine Opportunity

September 29, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Me & Maria at the Temple of Apollo in Corinth

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On the Ferry from Andros Island to Athens i was seated near a crying baby. And right now, as I write this, I can hear a woman in the distance wailing with what sounds like grief, although perhaps she’s having an argument with someone. At home in Los Angeles sometimes I can hear the sounds from a neighbor with the windows open. In apartment life you hear everything from the cheers of someone watching a football game to the moans of someone having sex.

When I was identified with a small selfish self and I heard a crying baby on a plane I would go into a thought of complaint. Now I feel so grateful that I have the awareness to pray and to bless the baby.

In every moment we have the ability to contribute something. We can contribute Love and bless the person who is having a challenge or we can feel put upon and burdened by them. We can feel connected to others through Love or we can choose to value the thoughts of separation.

I’ve learned to Love connecting and I trust that the path of Loving connection is the path of my healing.

Next time you hear a baby cry or an upset person, you can take it for what it is: Your Divine Opportunity to take loving action and BE the blessing. Everyone benefits!

Nick Davis gave us an EXCELLENT class last week in Living A Course in Miracles! I’ve invited him to be my guest on my radio show tomorrow – Join us Tuesday at Unity Online Radio (you can also get the smartphone app) or click here to get the downloads and podcast at iTunes. Downloads of past episodes are available now and today’s episode will be available around 4pm Pacific.

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