A Life of Glory

September 27, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Imagine how good this dog feels? That's a life of glory! This is Mobito at the beach!

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This week in Living A Course in Miracles we’re sharing about Developing Dedication – which is one of the very greatest gifts I’ve ever given to myself. As I was preparing for the classes this week, all week long I was thinking about how much I continue to learn and apply from these teachings. It’s such a gift! I continuously reap the benefits. I feel so dedicated even though there are times when I am aware I could be more dedicated. Even in those moments I remain dedicated to not judging myself.

The other day a thought came into my mind that was something like: “I am not …”
and I don’t even remember what it was now, but I can tell you it was a judgment. Before I could even finish the thought I felt my energy shift and I knew it was a judgment and so I shut it down. I said to myself “that thought’s not worth thinking.”

Even though I do still discover ways that I’m in judgment – I’m so dedicated to not judging myself that I can only rejoice whenever I discover that I’ve been judgmental and changed my mind. Each and every time it’s a victory!

Your life can be a life of glory. Every day you can feel victorious if you choose to release even a few of the judgments and de-invest your mind of them – give them to the Higher Holy Spirit Self to do the heavy lifting. Be willing. Practice, practice, practice and reap the benefits! It’s SO worth it.

This dedication to spiritual practice is the fastest way to a fulfilling life. I know this for sure.

Developing Dedication: Don’t Give Up Before Your Healing! is the topic of this week’s classes in Living A Course in Miracles – Nick Davis, author of An Invitation to the Awakening Heart was our teacher this week. We’ve got two free classes this week and the replays are available now! You can still register – there are 10 more classes for you and it’s all our gift to you! We’re getting our healing ON – join us!

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