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September 21, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Sending you a hug from Andros, Greece

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The KEY to your peace is whether or not your happiness depends on it. If you have an attachment you’ll feel your happiness depends on it and then you’ll literally be delaying your happiness while you try to satisfy the craving. That craving is like an itch in your mind. You can never really scratch it and satisfy it. The only satisfaction comes from letting it go completely. The itch isn’t real. There’s no need to scratch it. When you affirm the Truth – seek the kingdom, then you REVEAL the fulfillment that is just beyond the craving. You’re already there, in Spirit, and if you think you’re not, you won’t know it. Your thoughts appear to be the truth, but only the Truth sets you free.

Whenever I travel I look for local spring water to drink. I notice that I feel the vibrancy that comes from drinking fresh spring water – what the Native Americans call NEW water. I can literally see the difference when I look in the mirror. I enjoy drinking the new water. My friend Gina told me that there were springs with new water that we could visit on Andros and fill our water bottles to enjoy. I didn’t NEED to do it. I had no CRAVING to do it. I set the intention that I’d LIKE to do it and then it was easy to stop on the way to one of our adventures one day.

I find that the practice of UNHOOKING the attachment is extremely worthwhile. How do you do it? When you notice you feel hooked by a craving or an aversion – be willing to examine it. I used to just think I was right and then try to do whatever it took to get it to subside or to resist it. Now, I look at it with my mind.

The process of doing this is what I share in my classes. It works. I learned to do it because I was felt desperate to end the cravings and aversions. I was so exhausted from bouncing back and forth between wanting, needing, craving, grasping, hating, judging and being angry. I DECIDED to find a better way. It’s a moment by moment practice and it gets SO much easier. The suffering really does dissolve, and it requires constant attention.

The more the ego grasping dissolves the easier it gets. It requires the willingness to surrender to choosing Love – the more you wholeheartedly desire to be loving the faster your healing!

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