Why Keep Score?

October 13, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

I got to spend the day in London with Nancy & Nina from my Masterful Living Course!

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There’s a thought pattern in the human experience that has to do with keeping score. The belief system that creates the attraction to keeping score is based upon consistently reinforcing that we are separate from each other. This thought is the root cause of ALL suffering.

One of the most powerful decisions I’ve made on my journey to spiritual sovereignty is the choice to stop playing small. In order to fulfill that, I had to stop keeping score. I decided that I wanted to fully EMBODY an understanding of the Oneness of all life. Some people talk about the Oneness without ever actually moving to that deeply life-changing commitment to LIVE IN the awareness of Oneness. Knowing something intellectually and embodying it fully are two different things and they bear different fruits. I decided to taste the fruit of making EVERY choice from the awareness of perfect Oneness.

We share one life because we have on Source, a Source from which perfection comes to us … As we were, so are we now and will forever be. A Course In Miracles

If I’m One with everyone, why would I keep score? If I’m keeping score then I’m naturally going to project that onto God and think that God is like Santa Claus keeping track of who is naughty and nice and rewarding the good and punishing the bad. When I live in that fantasy world of keeping score I will forever be fearful. Keeping score is not fun. It’s not masterful. It’s a constant investing of my precious time and energy in judgment and watering the seeds of separation which can only bring me the fruit of limitation and fear.

I found freedom when I released the scorekeeper and replaced it with consistently remembering that all I receive comes from a Divine Source and all that I have to give I share with my brothers and sisters. I share everything because my source is unlimited. Who can I share with that isn’t part of my eternal God Self? All is One and the score is Love ALL.

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