Worry Be Gone!

October 3, 2013
A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

I love this two handled mug I saw at Harrods. There's nothing like a gorgeous big mug!

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I remember so well feeling really genuinely worried that I could never become as spiritually awake as I am now and as I intend to be. I had so much doubt about my ability to choose Love consistently. I see now that the worry was because I placed my faith in the ego. Of course I had doubt about my ability to choose Love when I was so identified with the ego.

My life has changed so completely through the practice of choosing Love.

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be in England again and to have time both to explore, be with friends and also to share in a series of workshops – which I’ll be doing next week. (If you’re in Oxford, Birmingham, London come join me!)

I really get that my life is becoming a living example of flowing in Love. And it’s gotten SO much easier. As we’re talking about in the Living A Course in Miracles classes this week, it does take a willingness to become dedicated.

It is all about the willingness to make each individual choice.
To choose Love no matter if you were just completely hateful.
Have compassion for yourself and start again Choose again.

TODAY!! Achieving Peace talking about in class this week. We can live a truly peaceful and prosperous life and that’s what we’re going to share about in Living A Course in Miracles – Rev. Tony Ponticello is our teacher this week and I’m grateful for this first opportunity we have to share together in class. He was so clear and helpful! We’ve got two free classes this week.! Let’s go for it! We’re getting our Peace ON!

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