Ask For the Goods!

October 1, 2013
Forgiveness, Jennifer Hadley

Filling my water bottle with the sacred water from the fountain of the Castalie at Delphi.

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One practice that has brought me great benefit is to consistently ask for insight, clarity, healing. I ask many times a day and I receive all day long – even in the middle of the night!

Last night I was not sleeping as soundly as I usually do. And there were mosquitos in the room buzzing and biting me. (no screens here in Greece) and of course it became a teaching interaction for me with the Higher Holy Spirit Self. I got the most wonderful insights and clarity.

Then, when I fell back to sleep, I was immediately gathering friends and family, community, anyone who would listen, to share the insights that I’d just been given.

The asking practice is so key to my healing.
I don’t ask for the good STUFF, I ask for the insights, the awareness, the healing. So much is given and I’m so grateful to receive it and share it.

It really is through the sharing that I get to steep myself in it! And that is the yummiest bit of all.

On my radio show yesterday, Nick Davis and I were sharing about our practice of listening and how much benefit it brings – if you missed it you can click here to get the downloads and podcast at iTunes. If you like the radio show – will you please be so kind as to write a review of the show at iTunes so more people will find it? All the downloads are free! Thank you!

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