Letting Go of Criticism

October 7, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Morning duck making prayers with me by the river Avon in Salisbury

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Yesterday I went to the Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries here in Pewsey, England and it was a good day of listening to speakers on topics of their expertise. I really enjoyed myself and part of it was because I allowed myself to enjoy it!

I used to go to events with speakers and spend the whole time criticizing them and judging them. I now know that I was really judging myself. This isn’t just because I have the awareness that I AM one with them, but because the only reason I was judging the speakers on the stage was because I was insecure about myself.

I was insecure about myself because I was judging myself.

Since I don’t allow myself to judge myself now I have no interest in judging other speakers. Sometimes I do notice that I wish things were different and that a speaker was “better” in some way, but even that I’m letting go of more and more and didn’t notice any of it yesterday and that feels good.

It works when you work it! Please go for it – there’s nothing to judge and everything to Love. Love is our healer!

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