No Sin No More!

October 23, 2013
Spiritual Classes, Jennifer Hadley

Balance comes from being in the flow of LOVE!

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The teachings of New Thought – which I feel includes A Course in Miracles – teach us that sin is actually a mistake. The mistake is that there is the projection of a belief in lack. That’s it.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that the mistake is that there’s a belief in a lack of love. Since Love is all there is, that’s the only thing we could believe that we lack.

That belief in a lack of Love shows up as every problem that we think we have.

Therefore the correction of all sin is in our thinking. There never needs to be a punishment for our mistakes, only a correction in our thinking.

The world we see is the result of our beliefs.
The world we think we experience is our perception, which is wholly based on our beliefs.
Therefore, the obvious correction is in our beliefs.
We don’t need any beliefs at all. We can learn to rest in the Truth. And as a result, we will feel free, luminous, prosperous, healthy, loving, abundant, harmonious, brilliant – in short, we’ll feel like our true selves. This IS the “everything being added unto us” that happens when we seek to know the Truth and only the Truth.

It seems really hard to undo all the false beliefs – but it really is a question of motivation and willingness.

This is why having prayer partners, spiritual community, and an opportunity to really be transparent and authentic with like-minded souls who are dedicating themselves to doing their own healing work HUGELY increases our success.

Most people have a belief in sin.
If you look within, you’ll find you do too.
When we join together we can, as a group, more easily perceive that sin is a projection.

Consider what some cultures once thought was a heinous sin, that now accepts with out ANY thought of sin.

Living your life purpose is what I’ll share about in class today and tomorrow in Living A Course in Miracles I’ve got two free classes this week – Join me!

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