Undoing the Beliefs

October 3, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Discovering the spirit of the Acropolis

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The more I travel this road of spiritual healing the more clear it becomes that clear that I really don’t need any of the beliefs that I’ve become invested in. There’s not one that I actually need. There’s not one belief that I have that is of any real value to me. They all just get in the way of my clear perception of the Truth.

I’ve decided that I’m focused on cultivating that pristine awareness of Love’s presence. The Truth has everything that I want and everything I need. The Truth is EVERYTHING to me. The Truth IS the fullness of God’s Love and that’s all that is real.

What a relief to finally realize that I actually do not value any of my beliefs! I’m grateful to uncover and surrender them all! Without all the beliefs, I can feel FREE all of the time.

Freedom is so sweet and that’s what I’m cultivating. My liberation is much more important than any belief I’ve held dear in the past.

Are you willing to let go of the beliefs that you’ve been investing in?
Do you really value your Freedom?

THese are really helpful questions to know the answers to!

Achieving Peace talking about in class today and tomorrow. We can live a truly peaceful and prosperous life and that’s what we’re going to share about in Living A Course in Miracles – Rev. Tony Ponticello is our teacher today and I’m grateful for this first opportunity we have to share together! We’ve got two free classes this week.! Let’s go for it! We’re getting our Peace ON!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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