Will I Choose Freedom?

October 12, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Me & my friend Oriana at the Oxford Cafe

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How many times have I had the opportunity to choose freedom and instead chosen to release the past? Millions? It’s hard to guestimate.

What I do know is that I make at least 10,000 choices a day. Every day, all day, about every 5 to 10 seconds at the very minimum I am making choices. I am choosing what we will think.

(BTW there are two excellent classes you can still listen to on this topic right now in Living A Course in Miracles)

Imagine that every thought that enters your mind is like a flaccid balloon – a balloon with no air. When the thought arrives in your mind, it’s just an outline of a thought that has been, like dust on the wind, floating around in what Ernest Holmes calls “the race consciousness.”

Thoughts appear like a cloud in the sky of our mind, we can CHOOSE to agree with it and if we do, then it becomes our thought. It’s like we’re putting air into that balloon – it’s our precious life energy – our attention, our agreement our affirmation that we”re investing in that thought.

Throughout the course of the day you might easily have 10,000 thoughts – ten thousand “balloons” that you have filled with your precious energy and attention. They become the form of your life.

“All thought produces form at some level.” A Course in Miracles

Form is your experience, your emotions, your life.
It’s all produced by thought.
Thought is the ONLY thing that produces form.
The ONLY way to have a NEW EXPERIENCE is to have a NEW THOUGHT.

I’ve learned to replace the thoughts that bind me to the past with a thought that is new – a loving thought, a kind thought, a thought that I think with the Love of God in my heart. This practice has created an entirely new experience of life for me.

When faced with the opportunity to think the thoughts from the past again, and feel those emotions again, I prefer to choose freedom. Not always, sometimes I’m just not done with the past. Yet, more and more consistently I remember to choose a new thought. This is my spiritual fitness program for my liberation from suffering.

Today and every day I ask myself, will I choose Freedom? Will I choose Love? It’s up to me.

This week’s class with Regina Dawn Akers was EXCELLENT! The teachings were so clear and helpful and you can listen right now at Living A Course in Miracles I was so inspired in the Homework Class! WOW! Our topic this week is Releasing the Past: Living in Liberation. We’ve got two free classes! The replays are on right now!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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