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October 8, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Spider web in a hedge in Wiltshire.

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My topic today at the event in Oxoford is Spiritual Success: Real progress, Tangible Benefits and I’ve been preparing for it over the last weeks. Today’s image of a spider web that I saw on a misty morning in a hedge in Wiltshire reminds me of how I used to feel. I used to feel caught in a web, and yet I was the spider! That web was so sticky to me and I used to doubt if I could ever escape it. And of course, who is the spider without the web?

Now I can really see that my doubt was creating the stickiness of the web.

The web was my thinking, my beliefs in lack and limitation. My belief in the value of attacking someone else.

I had such a strong belief that I could attack others without it affecting me that I was in attack mode a lot of the time. I thought my safety lay in the constancy of my attack thoughts.

You can imagine how challenging it was for me to let all that go!

And yet, it was in an instant I saw that I really only had to DECIDE to let them go and then hold to that decision.

The decision was the key factor. My willingness to hold to my decision made my healing possible. And then it was the discipline of choosing again and again and again until I worked it out of my beliefs and habits.

As I’m preparing to offer the last Finding Freedom 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp Class of this year (starts November 6) I’m also looking toward my preparations for Masterful Living Course 2014 – my year-long class, and I’m really remembering how much has changed in me, just this year, never mind past years.

I love that I can change my mind. I love that I can start again each day. I love this living practice. It was once a burden and I doubted myself. Now doubt is long gone and I am so grateful to simply practice each day. What a blessing!

We can live a truly loving and prosperous life and that’s what we’re going to share about in class this week with Regina Dawn Akers in Living A Course in Miracles We’ve got two free classes this week – we’re healing the past! Join us!

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