Beautiful Blessings

October 9, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Sunrise swan on the River Avon in Salisbury.

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As I travel around Wiltshire and, I must confess, pretty much anywhere I go, I’m constantly noticing the beauty of things around me. For instance, right now I’m on the train to Oxford and looking out the window as I type is the most breathtakingly gorgeous sky. It’s absolutely amazing.

I began this morning with the scene in today’s photo – recording my prayer with the swan swimming up the River Avon while the sun was rising. It is absolutely heaven to see and just to the left is the famous and stunning spire of the equally extraordinary Salisbury Cathedral.

There are amazing moments of beauty in every day and I’m taking the less for granted and more often realizing that they are messages from heaven, so to speak.

Everything we experience in the visible world is an expression of our mind. All of it. The more I open my mind to be in tune with the infinite the more beauty there is. There is even a profound beauty in the deepest, darkest suffering that we experience, because every bit of it leads us to the light that we are, the light within.

Seeds germinate and grow in the darkness. The wisdom seeds of our soul come to life in the darkest moments of our experience. No matter how dark it gets, the light is always within us, if only we are willing to see it there. Truly, all Love is self-Love so let us begin there and let the light of our soul illuminate the darkness and turn the seed of wisdom into a thriving expression of Divine Beauty!

We can live a truly loving and prosperous life and that’s what we’re going to share about in class this week with Regina Dawn Akers in our classes this week in Living A Course in Miracles Our topic this week is Releasing the Past: Living in Liberation. We’ve got two free classes this week – we’re healing the past! Join us!

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