My Pain Into My Power

October 22, 2013
Living A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Visiting the Acropolis in Athens - feeling the power of releasing the past!

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For decades I gave myself permission to blame a lot of my challenges on my family and I caused myself and everyone else a whole lot of pain and misery. I believed it wasn’t my fault that life was hard. It wasn’t my fault I felt so angry and upset most of the time.

Blaming others was like a little treasure to me. I treasured the belief that my problems were someone else’s fault. It meant I didn’t have to take responsibility.

My earnest study of the Truth led me to many healing realizations and practices that allowed me to turn my PAIN and suffering into my POWER.

It was REALLY challenging for me.

I had so much DOUBT about whether or not I had what it takes to develop the discipline to change my mind and have a new experience.

Day by day, I began to discover what was possible for me. I went from doubting that I could ever develop the strength of mind to REALIZING that I AM doing it! IT IS HAPPENING! God’s Love poured through me into all my relationships and made them whole.

This holiday season, the best gift you could give your loved ones is to DECIDE to be fully willing to release the DOUBT that you have what it takes to develop the discipline. If you’d like
my support this workshop might be for you!

Turn Your Pain Into Your Power: Practice Divine Alchemy
Sunday, November 3
9:00 am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm UK, 2:00am Sydney

This workshop on its own is $44.00 and it is MY BONUS GIFT to you when you become a Gold or Platinum Member at Living A Course in Miracles. This recent series of classes has been so deep and so profoundly helpful. These classes amaze me with how much benefit they bring. I think that’s why this series has been the most popular ever!

You can get the Gold Package for only 87 and you get all 16 classes, the downloads, transcripts PLUS this bonus class from me as a gift!

Click now to get the Gold – all 16 classes plus my bonus Workshop and save $44.00

You can also get my workshop on it’s own for $44 – click here to learn more.

As always, you’ll know if it’s right for you! Trust your own knowing!

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