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November 20, 2013
Spiritual Classes, Jennifer Hadley

Thoughts of lack and attack are mind clutter that blocks the flow of clear insight!

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Yesterday in my radio show the topic was Healing Lack & Attack – click here to get the download. In the show, I shared a lot of what I learned about how to heal the patterns of negativity and suffering. What I’m finding is that the more clear I become, the more insight I have about how to actually heal these very intense patterns of suffering.

Right now, I notice so many people are challenged because their old patterns of lack and attack are coming up for healing. This is GOOD NEWS, but it seems very painful. In the radio show yesterday, I shared some clear insight to help anyone who is feeling ashamed, stuck and mired in the lack and attack patterns.

If that feels like you, or someone you know, I encourage you to get the free download of the radio show click here to get the download..

And stay tuned, because tomorrow I’m announcing the free class that’s coming up on Saturday – it’s my Thanksgiving birthday gift to you (my birthday is on Thanksgiving), a few days early!

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and I’m already there – SO grateful!

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    I didn’t feel worthy
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