Inspired Living IS Freedom!

November 6, 2013
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Spirituality, Jennifer Hadley

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion represents Freedom to me!

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Many years ago I began praying several times a day that my life and my writing would support people in opening their hearts and minds and inspire them to take loving action in their lives. I continue to energize this intention through prayer every day. Living with intention is so valuable. It doesn’t cost anything extra to set a powerful intention, try it! Every day I feel inspired to take loving action. I intend that my life extends a blessing to motivate others as well.
I am constantly courting inspiration. Yet, without me taking action, incorporating that inspiration into the fabric of my life and choices, it has little value. To me, it’s about sharing from the overflow. I feel inwardly compelled to always be looking to take the inspiration I receive into the action of sharing it with others. I’ve learned that actively loving myself or someone else is the most powerful form of action I can take.
What joy could you experience if you focus on living an inspired life and taking loving action? Where is your attention currently focused on GETTING something or LACKING something and could instead be focused on RECEIVING inspiration and OFFERING love?

It’s a different orientation and it’s so much more fulfilling. It’s a spiritual practice. Give it a go! Finding Freedom in our hearts and minds requires us to be great receivers and to have a practice of offering – try it on and see what miracles unfold for you!

My 7 week spiritual bootcamp class, Finding Freedom just started and you can join us! Please do. If you haven’t checked out my #1 Tip for Spiritual Success – the free class is available – click now to register for the free download and learn more about Finding Freedom! Join us now!

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