A Miraculous Life

November 3, 2013
How to Forgive, Jennifer Hadley

Don’t you love these heart shaped stones I found on the beach in Greece?

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I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have an extraordinary life purpose. Admittedly, not everyone has been present with themselves enough to know what their purpose is. Some have a clear understanding of their purpose and reject it flatly over and over again. Others dance around it. Can anyone can be truly happy unless they are on the path to fulfilling their divine purpose? Even those who have no clear idea of their purpose know that deep fulfillment is in the living of that purpose.

For many years I either ran from or simply turned my attention away from what I knew to be my purpose. I was being called to heal my own false beliefs and open my heart – that’s my life purpose. Initially, I had associated my vocation as a minister with a loftiness and an arduousness that made it seem far from my reach. I judged myself. I doubted myself.I thought I had to be flawless. I thought I had to live a life of extreme holiness and that felt completely unattainable to me.

Because I wasn’t THERE yet, I thought I didn’t have what it took – and healing that false BELIEF was a major step to my FREEDOM

Fortunately, in my desire to know and understand the spiritual nature of life, I discovered that there was no part of the Divine that expected me to be anything other than my true self. There was no great opinion holder in the sky judging me. Instead, there is an infinite source of love, encouragement and support responding in every moment. I don’t have to be a saint or live without falling down. I only have to pick myself up with as much love as I can muster every time I fall. I only have to keep my attention on what I desire most: love, beauty and wisdom. And that I AM doing! And that is a miraculous life!

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