Patience & Peace

November 26, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Practicing patience is like having your own inner peace garden!

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“Infinite patience brings immediate results” is a powerful teaching from A Course in Miracles. Being able to VALUE patience more than being right or having it your way is a real life-changer.

Patience brings such immediate and powerful results because when we can be patient we’re affirming that being loving is more important. Patience IS a practice of being loving. Practicing patience helps us move into our heart.

When I was very volatile and argumentative in my behavior, I was also afraid. When I was identified with the ego, I pushed and pushed.

I’ve learned that patience IS it’s own reward. Being able to be patient without having to force myself is such a luxury. It’s worth everything to me!

What used to be EXCRUTIATINGLY HARD for me now requires NO effort much of the time.

I look forward to when there’s no patience required because I’m simply always in the flow of love and relationship harmony!

This holiday season I encourage you to make the most of every opportunity to practice patience and build that spiritual muscle of willingness! It’s so worth it!

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