Are You Motivated by Lack?

November 4, 2013
ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

I’m back in Los Angeles and remembering great times from last summer - my nephew Alex and I on Mt. Desert Isle, Acadia National Park - one of the most gorgeous places on earth! Alex is a freshman at Temple University in Philly now! Wow!

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Does this sound familiar? For years I was in service in my spiritual community as a way to make myself feel better about myself. A lot of the volunteer work I did – and I did A LOT – was motivated from a sense of lack.

In one sense, I was giving in order to get validation.
I was always looking for ways to distract me from how I felt.

I loved being with the people.
I loved connecting in Love.

And still, I know that I was motivated by a deep sense of lack.
All that volunteer work was a form of self-medication.
It was a form of co-dependency.

It was a BIG STEP in my healing when I decided to stop helping lots of other people and to really invest that time and energy into my spiritual practice.

At times, I’ve suggested to students and counseling clients that they consider taking a hiatus from all that volunteer work and instead to put that time and energy into their spiritual practice.

Most spiritual students say that they’d invest more time in their spiritual practice if they had more time, but most people don’t actually do that.

You will know if this message means something to you.
You will know if you’re in service to others as a form of self-medication, co-depency and avoidance.

The greatest gift that each of us can share is our awakening awareness, our loving heart – and that does require a spiritual practice.

The ego provides a long list of distractions and reasons to avoid and quit and procrastinate. Just say NO to the ego and say YES to the Higher Holy Spirit Self!

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